Switchgears for HV and VHV substations

(own consumption switchgear, control boxes and protection cabinets)

RO type switchgears are designed to control and signaling the condition of technological facilities in the outdoor HV and VHV substations. The technological contents of these switchgear is given by the specification in accordance with the customer’s project documentation. These switchgear are designed and manufactured in compliance with ČSN EN 61 439-1 ed.2 and ČSN EN 61 439-2 ed.2 standards.

Technical specifications

Nominal voltage: up to 3×400 / 230 V, 50 Hz, up to 220 V DC
Protection against dangerous contact voltage: by automatic disconnection from the power supply, by protective connection
Switchboard cover: IP 43/00
Cabinet material: stainless steel sheet
Surface finish: powder coating (RAL 7032, 7035, or as requested by the customer), or without finish


RO             with one door
RO-T          with two doors
RO/N         without surface finish
RO/N,L      powder coated

Basic dimensions [mm]:

standard cabinet dimensions are 1000 x 1600 x 500 mm (w x h x d)
non-standard dimensions can be,  based on the contents, modified to (800-1000) x (1600-2000) x (500-600)

VHV 110 kV outdoor field control

RO – inner equipment

RO stainless steel – 110 kV substation

RO – hinged panel

RO – inner equipment

Transformer cell control

35 kV substation – RO / N, L assembly

Tuning choke control