Switchboards for outdoor transformer stations

(type RST for mast transformer stations or built-in for brick transformer stations)

RST switchboards are LV distribution switchboards for consumption up to 1000 A, they are designed for transformer substations used for power supply of consumption points up to the nominal power of the transformer up to 630 kVA. Switchboards are designed and manufactured according to standards ČSN EN 61 439-1 ed.2, ČSN EN 61 439-2 ed.2 and ČSN EN 61 439-5 ed2.

SVS cabinet type (B, P, U, M1, M2, DTR, ZT).


  • lattice masts
  • prestressed concrete columns
  • Prefabricated tower and cable transformer stations
  • brick tower, concrete and cable transformer stations
  • Reconstruction of old transformer stations


  • Rated voltage: 3×400 / 230 V / TN-C, 50Hz
  • Rated main busbar current: 400-1000 A
  • Switchboard short-circuit resistance: 35 kA / 1 s
  • Protection against dangerous contact voltage: automatic disconnection from the power supply
  • Switchgear protection: IP 43/00
  • Cabinet material: stainless steel
  • Surface treatment: powder paint (RAL 8002, 6011)

RST/P, two-door
RST/B, two-door
RST/U, single door
RST/U, rear view
RST/M1, single door
RST/M1, rear view
Cable cover for RST/M1
Cable cover for RST/P,B
Pedestal for RST/P,B
RST/ZT4, shutter
RST/ZT4, rear view
RST/ZT8,10, shutter, two-winged
RST/DTR, for two transformers
Pedestal for RST/DTR