Production of switchgears into cabinets of our own production (stainless steel, approved standards, industrial, special, atypical for addition within reconstructions), but also into the boxes purchased in compliance with the given specification.

We supply the following switchgears:

  • for outdoor and indoor transformer stations, particularly all ČEZ and PRE standards, our own RST, RVT, RD, RDK, RBTR, ZT, U, M, and Z types
  • type RVO type, but also atypical customized types, for public lighting
  • own consumption switchgears, control boxes, and power protection cabinets for HV and VHV substations, standard and atypical in accordance with specification
  • US cabinet type switchgears (universal cabinets) of any kind in accordance with project documentation
  • special switchgears (e.g. for converter stations, transport systems – motorways, crossroads, underpasses, tunnels, etc.)
  • compensation switchgears, P8-S- xxx / xx, P8-SP-xxx / xx types – standard, protected, thyristor
  • electrometer switchgears, particularly CEZ standards, our own USM ES3 and ERZ types (into a pillar or freestanding), atypical customized switchgears both for the industry and for the public amenities and family houses
  • telecommunication switchgears, particularly standards for PRE –  MS, SD, NFR types
  • for photovoltaic power plants

Dear Customers,

our production range of switchgears is very diverse. The below switchgears do not cover the entire range of our products.
If you miss anything, or if you need to specify our switchgear offering, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department. We will be pleased to answer your questions and to make a price quotation and a technical offer.