Fuse tong HV 38.5 kV double-pole

Type: 864.040-01

Tongs for fuse are designed to put in or pull out  voltage fuse into/from fuse holders inside the electrical stations with the nominal network voltage of up to 35 kV. Tongs for fuse consist of openable head for gripping the fuse, insulating part, hand guard and handle ended. Insulating poles is made of glass – fabric laminate which is suitable for its high electrical and mechanical resistance and stability.  Tongs for fuse are determined for indoor use under normal climatic conditions. The handles are provided with the protecting ring (hand guard). Tongs for fuse comply with standards ČSN 35 9701, IEC 832.


Documentation 864.040EN download


Length of equipment: 1 160 mm
Length of handle: 300 mm
Pole diameter – insulating part: 39 mm
Mechanical firmness: 250 N/1 min
Weight of equipment: 1.65 kg
Pole material: glass-fabric laminate for outdoor use
Climatic group: normal  -25°C to +55°C