Phase comparator HV 22-38.5 kV single-pole

Type: 856.040

for outdoor use

Phasing comparator is designed for detecting of accordance or discord phases in electric facilities at the same rating voltage and frequency, especially after maintenance or connecting of new devices into the power system. Phasing comparator is not allowed to be used as voltage detector. It is equipped with visual and audible signalling. Comparator consists of one pole, indicator with electrode and extended part. Insulating pole is made of glass- fibre laminate which is suitable due to its high electrical and mechanical resistance and stability. It fulfills the requirements on the protective equipment for outdoor use. The detector is determined for outdoor use under at normal climatic condition. The indication head is resist of water. The handle is equipped with a protective rubber ring (hand guard) and insulating part with rubber rings to stop water (rain shed). Phasing comparators comply with to standard ČSN EN 61481, IEC 61481.


Rated voltage – network/equipment: 22 – 35 / 38.5 kV

Length of pole with indicator + electrode: 1 190 mm
Length of pole with indicator + extended part + electrode: 1 490 mm
Length of handle: 160 mm
Pole diameter: 31 mm
Weight – short / extended: 0.65 / 0.82 kg
Climatic Class N: temperature -25°C – +55°C, humidity 20% – 96%