Short-circuiting (earthing) equipment VHV 420 kV – for conductors 0 – 55 mm

Type: 814.420

Models: 814.420 – 10 (15)

The short-circuiting (earthing) equipment is designed  for short-circuit making and earthing of the circuit in networks with an earthed  node of the nominal voltage of up to 400 kV. The short-circuiting set consists of one insulating pole, one supporting pole and three short-circuiting cables ended with conductor and universal earthing clamps to connect it to the conductor of circular cross section up to 55 mm in diameter. Conductor clamps are connected to earthing clamps by Cu cables in transparent isolation. Insulating pole is made of glass-fabric laminate which is suitable for its high electrical and mechanical resistance and stability. Upper part is ended with socket for conductor clamp handling. Pole consists of three pieces connected by means of connecting element It fulfills the requirements on the protection equipment for outdoor use. The set is determined for outdoor use under normal climatic conditions. The handle is provided with the protecting ring (hand guard). Short-circuiting set complies with standards ČSN EN 61230 ed.2, IEC 61230, DIN 46235. It is produced in two models for various shorttime withstanding current. It is possible to modify the model at the custom’s request.


Short-cirtuited conductor: circular cross section 0-55 mm
Rated short-time withstanding current: 10 (15) kA / 1 s
Peak factor: 2.5
Length of pole: 6 000 mm (3×2000 mm)
Length of handle: 1 500 mm
Pole diameter: 46 (46) mm
Cross section of cable: 50 (70) mm2
Length of cable: 9 000 mm
Length of supporting pole handle: 2 000 mm
Length of supporting pole handle: 600 mm
Supporting pole diameter: 40 mm
Tightening of clamps: 12 Nm
Weight of equipment: 25 (30) kg
Pole material: glass-fabric laminate for outdoor use
Climatic group: normal -25°C až +55°C