Short-circuiting (earthing) equipment LV 1 kV – for fuse outlet

Type: 801.001-H

Short-circuiting (earthing) set is designed for short-circuit making and earthing of low voltage three phasing fuse outlets consisted of the fuse bottoms, fuse switch off points and stripes. The set consists of short-circuiting cartridges, short-circuiting Cu cables in transparent isolation, earthing Cu cable, earthing clamp and fuse handle that enables to safety attach the short-circuiting set. The set is determined for indoor use, as well as for outdoor use under normal climatic conditions. Short-circuiting set complies with standards ČSN EN 61230 ed.2, IEC 61230, DIN 46235.


Documentation 801.001-H EN download


Size of short-circuiting cutter: 00, 1-3
Rated short-time withstanding current: 6 kA / 1 s
Peak factor: 2
Cross section of cable (short-circuiting + earthing): 25 mm2
Length of short-circuiting cable: 500 mm
Length of earthing cable: 1 500 mm
Weight of equipment: 4.5 kg
Climatic group: normal  -25°C to +55°C