Voltage detector with combined signalling HV 25 kV

Type: 850.024

for indoor use

Voltage detectors are designed for detecting the presence of  high voltage (frequency of 50 Hz). Presence of voltage is indicated by light and acoustic signal during direct contact with hot part. Insulating pole is made of glass – fibre laminate which is suitable for its high electrical and mechanical resistance and stability. It fulfills the requirements on the protective equipment for outdoor use. The detector is determined for indoor use, as well as for outdoor use under normal climatic conditions, not in rain or risen humidity. The handle is equipped with a protective rubber ring (hand guard). Voltage detectors comply with standards ČSN EN 61243-1, IEC 61243-1.


Documentation 850.024EN download


Rated voltage – network/equipment: 22 / 25 kV

Total length: Ls = 950 mm
Length of handle: Lr = 160 mm
Length of insulating part: Li = 560 mm
Length of detector in space under voltage: La = 230 mm
Pole diameter: 31 mm
Weight: 0.55 kg
Indication type: capacitive detector
Group III: indication with two active signal – voltage present
Climatic Class N: temperature -25°C – +55°C, humidity 20% – 96%