Cabinets for industry and energy

(US type – universal cabinets, own consumption switchgears, distribution switchboards, protection cabinets)

Universal cabinets

US type switchgears are universal LV switchgears of one or more fields with instrument filling as specified by the customer. They are mainly designed for industry, construction, and power engineering. They can be supplied in one field at a time, or they can be combined into different sets of fields of a unified depth. US type cabinets are always a structural basis for the bellow switchgears. Switchgears are designed and manufactured in compliance with the ČSN EN 61 439-1 ed.2 and ČSN EN 61 439-2 ed.2 standards.

Own consumption AC switchgears

These switchgears are designed to secure the power supply of AC circuits of power devices, drives of switching elements, and wiring of electric/power stations (HV and VHV).

Own consumption DC switchgears

These switchgears are designed to secure power supply of DC controlling and signalling circuits, protection circuits, emergency lighting, and other DC devices in electric/power stations (HV and VHV)..

Protection cabinets

These cabinets are designed for installation of energy protection of lines and transformers, automatic regulation of transformers and chokes, communication elements, and elements connected with operation of protections in HV and VHV power stations. They are supplied with a glass front door as standard.

Controlling switchgears

Controlling switchgears are designed for controlling and signalling of switching devices in the area of indoor HV substations. US switchgear sets can be used for power supply of technological facilities and building wiring as well.

Technical specifications

Nominal voltage: up to 3×400 / 230 V, 50 Hz, up to 220 V DC
Nominal current of main busbars: max. 2500 A for IP00, max. 1600 A for IP4x
Switchgear short-circuit resistancer: max. 73 kA / 1 s for a bus system
Protection against dangerous contact voltage: by automatic disconnection from the power supply
Switchboard cover: IPxx / 20 or IPxx / 20, where IP 00 – frame design, IP 40 – panel design, IP 43 – cabinet design
Construction: welded steel frame from 35x35x3 mm U-profile, or bolted from perforated profiles
Structure: 1.5 mm (or 2 mm) steel sheet
Surface finish: powder coating (RAL – as specified)

Basic dimensions [mm]:

width: 600, 700, 800 mm
height: 2000 mm (it can be supplied with a pedestale or an extension)
depth: 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 mm


Controlling switchgear of a HV (35 kV) substation

Controlling switchgear of a HV (10 kV) substation

Controlling switchgear of a transformer cell

Control cabinet set

Own consumption AC switchgears

Protection and measurement cabinet

Protection box set

US cabinet set – LV substation

US cabinets – inner equipment

US cabinet set – top entry