Earthing rod with a barrier for short-circuiting equipment HV 38.5 kV

Type: 865.026

This earthing rod is used with portable short-circuiting and earthing sets and is designed as an additional earthing point for  HV  equipments in systems with indirectly or directly earthed knots. It is used if an earthed non-live part of an electric device is not available. The earthing rod is particularly used for earthing overhead lines or for earthing lines in the workplace where lines go parallel or cross each other. It consists of a metal rod with spike and a Cu earthing cable. It is finished and mechanically adjusted for hammering into the ground and equipped with a screw connection for fixation of the earthing cable. The earthing cable ends with cable loops for connection to the earthing rod or to the earthing cable of an earthing and short-circuiting set. This device includes a barrier consisting of four metal supports and a protective rope. This earthing rod complies with ČSN EN 61230, IEC 1230 and DIN 46235. This earthing rod can be used outdoors under normal climatic conditions. On request, the producer can supply a custom-made earthing rod (different dimensions).


Documentation 865.026EN download


Length of grounding rod: 1 230 mm
Diameter of grounding rod: 28 mm
Rod length of barrier:  1 100 mm
Rod diameter of barrier: 12 mm
Cross-section of earthing cable: 25 mm2
Length of earthing cable:  12 000 mm
Diameter of protective rope: 8 mm
Length of protective rope: 16 000 mm
Weight of equipment: 11 kg
Climatic group   normal: -25°C to +55°C