Short-circuiting (earthing) equipment HV 27.5 kV (UTTV) – for traction line

Type: 827.027

Models: 827.027-S. 827.027-F

Short-circuiting (earthing) set is designed for short-circuiting and earthing the traction rail lines of up to the voltage of 27.5kV. The set consists of the insulating pole (either with a removable clamp or with a fixed clamp) and one conductor clamp and one earthing clamp. The clamps are connected with a short-circuiting Cu cable. The conductor clamp is designed  for connecting the set to the conductor of a circular cross section of a diameter of up to 12mm and it is made of an Al alloy. The earthing clamp is made of galvanized steel and it is connected to a rail. It consists of two parts which are securely mechanically connected with a revolving joint. The joint enables folding of the pole. The lower part of the pole is striped red and white to be seen better. The insulating pole is made of fiberglass laminate which is suitable for its high electrical and mechanical resistance and stability. The insulating pole fabric meets the requirements for outdoor protective equipment. The set is determined for indoor use, as well as for outdoor use under normal climatic conditions. The handle of the insulating pole is delimited with a protective ring hand guard. The set complies with ČSN EN 61230 ed.2, IEC 1230, DIN 46 235. You can choose from two models with a conductor clamp fixed to the insulating pole (model F) or with a removable clamp (model S).


Short-circuited conductor diameter: 12 mm
Rated short-time withstanding current: 10 kA / 1 s
Peak factor: 2,5
Length of pole: 4 000 mm (2×2000 mm)
Length of handle: 1 500 mm
Pole diameter: 39 mm
Cross section of cable: 50 mm2
Length of cable: 14 000 mm
Tightening of clamps: 12 Nm
Weight of equipment: 14 kg
Pole material: glass-fabric laminate for outdoor use
Climatic group: normal: -25°C to +55°C