Spherical connecting (earthing) points LV, HV

Short-circuiting (connecting) spherical point serves to create stable and clearly defined place for safe and reliable fixing short-circuiting (earthing) set in the LV, HV electric stations. The points are produced from the Cu alloy and surface finished by Zn. They are supplied with the thread M12 or M16 of diameter 20 or 25 mm as a standard.
Points are determined for earthing set with universal conductor clamp or with clamp directly designed for connecting on spherical point.
When a earthing set is selected, the type of points used must be considered with respect to the parameter Ø D.

Dokumentace Spherical connecting points LV, HV D20 EN download

Dokumentace Spherical connecting points LV, HV D25 EN download


Material: alloy Cu
Surface finish: Zn

diameter 20 mm (D20)
Short-circuit current: 19 kA/1 s
Weight: ~ 0,2 kg

diameter 25 mm (D25)
Short-circuit current: 30 kA/1 s
Weight: ~ 0,3 kg